Those Magic Changes…

Making just a small change in my life seems to have had a huge impact on my attitude, my physical health, my mental well-being and my overall place on this earth. I’m very “hello” about 90% of the time, and the time that I’m not, I’m usually tired or hungry. There’ve been times that overwhelmed has tried to sneak in, but my support system is recognizing the cues and slapping it down.

2 weeks ago today, I started Weight Watchers….again. I really want to say that this will be the last time- that this time will stick and my inner, bratty, fat girl (I’ve named her Regina), will stay quiet and leave me alone and let me change (for the better and for good….c’mon, you know I was going there). Leaving for weigh-in in about 10 minutes, but I’ve never liked to be surprised on the scale there. I do not have a good poker face when it comes to my weight, and I know how hard it is for the receptionists to deal with someone visibly disappointed. I’d rather have that moment in private. So, I weigh myself at home. My home scale is about .6 pounds heavier than WW’s. If my math is correct (and it’s usually not), I am down about 10 pounds in 2 weeks. 8 pounds the first week (totally expected….week one is always a huge loss of water weight), but week 2 is supposed to be impossible- losses of about a half pound. But I EARNED this big loss this week. Which leads to another change.

Because I got my dream job at JUST the right time, I get to be a part of the design and renovation of our cafetorium into a brand new, working, beautiful, theatre. It’s the dream we hung onto at Andrew HS, which didn’t come to fruition until long after I graduated. The renovation goes out to bid next month, but we had to get everything out of the theatre space, which included my somewhat-attached classroom. This left me without a teaching space.

After over a month of uncertainty, on the Friday of the weekend we had to have everything out, my wonderful boss tells me that he has arranged for me to move into our community space, the Mickey Long Center. Not only is this a HUGE space, nobody was in the classroom area, so I was able to move immediately, instead of waiting for someone to pack their things and get out.

Since moving there, I’m walking more to and from various locations, because it’s not in the center of everything like my last classroom was. There’s also SO much room that I can pace around my classroom, going in between rows to keep better eyes on my students. Finally, I have positioned my desk and all of my stuff (refrigerator, supplies) so that nothing is within hand’s reach. I actually have to get up if I need something. My FitBit is also keeping me motivated.

I feel healthy. I’m energized. I look forward to every day. Yes, there are still challenges. But I feel like I will face them and be triumphant, not crumble to the ground.

Kinda liking 3.0.

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