I’ve Got the Music In Me?

We brought our personal shower speaker with us on this trip because I cannot stand taking a shower without singing, and, for some reason, I cannot remember lyrics when I sing a capella. So I’m singing along to the “Jesus Christ Superstar: Live in Concert” Soundtrack, and I realize that I want to sing. With an audience. I didn’t go to Crazy Karaoke last night because the suggestion was met with an excitement somewhere between the “you need to get a vasectomy” conversation and “I think a musical based on the books of Anne Rice sounds like a great idea” scale. Not wanting to bring someone along unwillingly to watch me, most likely, embarrass myself, I went back to the stateroom, read more chapters in a row than I have in a long time, and fell asleep 10 minutes into episode 9 of season 1 of “Smash.”

Now read that paragraph backwards. It will make more sense.

I’m sitting in the D lounge, alone, waiting for “Family Karaoke.” I know. I spent a fair amount of time explaining why I do not like family karaoke in my last blog/rant/random gathering of words. But I feel like singing. And my new hairstyle, wet, is really cute and deserves to be seen by people who won’t realize that they appreciate it until they’re going over their head in their day later and say, “Hey, remember that one fat chick with the really good hair who tried to sing ‘Part of Your World’ earlier? Why did her shirt smell like teriyaki?”

There are two 12 year olds doing karaoke on the “dance floor.” They just moved chairs out of the way to make room for a handspring. I resisted the urge to go all mom/teacher on them. I was kind of curious what would happen if an unsupervised child broke a wrist on a Disney cruise. The child did a bad cartwheel and said it was a handspring.

I am the only adult in here without children. I think someone is going to call guest services and report me. A waitress just asked me if I’d like something to drink. I asked for water, though my brain screamed “YOU NEED A SHOT OR TWO OF TEQUILA, YOU IDIOT.”

Just went through the book of songs for my standards. Found far fewer than I expected. Of course, my karaoke career was back when singing a Deniece Williams song was avant garde.

Ended up singing “New York State of Mind.” I enjoyed myself, but quickly remembered the best part about going to karaoke, particularly “family” karaoke- watching some kid be ridiculously amazing. This 12 year old got up there and sang “How Far I’ll Go” from “Moana.” I had goosebumps the entire time. Of course, I was also conducting the entire song, because I cannot resist an Alex Lacaimore orchestration connected with a Lin-Manuel Miranda lyric.

Supercalifragilisticexpealidocious. Sorry. McKayla just told me some story about how they had to give a password to the captain or the ship would explode if we dropped below 50 knots per hour or something like that. She insisted that she spelled it right. She showed me her spelling. It was hideously wrong. I can’t spell out loud, but I can in writing, so I had to do that. Just pointing out that my iPad knows the made up word from Mary Poppins is spelled right, but doesn’t know the Tony and Grammy Award winning orchestrator. (Edit over a year later- I’m the one who spelled it wrong. Dammit. Spellcheck does, however, now know the word. Gotta love progress).

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